About Abdul Gafar Manuel Meque

Short Bio

My name is Abdul G. M. Meque, currently a Computer Science Lecturer at Catholic University of Mozambique, Project Manager and Senior DevOps Engineer (Consultant) at SD Consultores e Servicos Director of ICT and Senior Systems Analyst & Developer at NM Technology Services and Solutions.

Basically I have two-faced carreer, working both in Academia and Industry My current Academic interests are Social Networks Data Mining, Natural Languages Processing ( particularly Sentiment Analysis and Semantic Role Labeling), Artificial Inteligence and Information Systems.

In my Industry carreer I split my time as a Director of ICT and a Consultant in ICT and Software/System Engineering projects, helping institutions devising internal ICT related policies and plans for ICT Governance, Software Migration, Systems and Software adoption.

I am a PhD Candidate in Computer Science, a joint program by the Institute of Information Science at Academia Sinica, Taiwan and Computer Science Department at National ChengChi University, Taiwan. As a fellow from the Taiwan Internation Graduate Program

Before that, I obtained M.Tech. degree in Systems Integration and e-Government from the University of Trento, Italy.


NMTSS having changed its structure.

With the recent change in the corporate structure, becoming now a privately owned company, as result, my official title has been changed from CTO to Director of ICT.

Interactive Multiplatform and Multichanel Messaging-based Networking Application (IM3NSA)

Currently working as Project Manager on a platform that allow enterprises/individuals to visually build, deploy and run SMS applications, usefull for surveys, marketing, campaigning, customer care, and so many other possibility. The project is on being funded by Winrock International under the umbrella of their FEED THE FUTURE RESILIENT AGRICULTURAL MARKETS ACTIVITY Project entitled Feed The Future Resilient Agricultural Markets Activity (RAMA) – Nacala Corridor.

In the first phase we aim at providing small farmers with means to access high quality, affordable, reliable, demand-driven information during the agriculture activity lifecycle along the value chain and railway safety info broadcasts on regular basis.

Moodle Platform Implementation at Instituto Superior de Ciencias e Tecnologias Alberto Chipande

Learning Management System Upgrading for Scripting Academy

One paper is accepted by ICLR 2018.

I will join FAIR as a 2018 summber intern, advised by Kaiming He.

Mobile ( Android and IOS) Clients for Catholic University of Mozambique’s eSURA Platform