NLP and IR Applications in Social Network Final Project Report

Published in IIS Digital Repository, 2016

In the present paper, I present an alternative feature set selections to improve the performance of the Noun Phrase chunker featured in (Bird et al., 2009).

Recommended citation: Meque, Abdul. (2016). " Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval with Applications in Social Networks " Academia Sinica Internal Repository. 1(1).

An ontology-based comparative study of standards for business process engineering

Published in University of Trento Library, 2012

For the current work, I joined the Laboratory for Applied ontology as an intern, conducting research on the BPMLs and methodologies, reviewing the works done by Aagesen and Krogstie in (Aagesen, et al., 2010), and Recker and others (Recker, et al., 2008), (Recker, et al., 2005), Recker and Rosemann (Recker, et al., 2007) and Gruninger in (Gruninger, 2009), and also conducting my own studies, evaluating the languages premises with respect to DOLCE (Descriptive Ontology for Linguistics and Cognitive Engineering) (Masolo, et al. 2003)

Recommended citation: Meque, Abdul. (2012). "An ontology-based comparative study of standards for business process engineering." University of Trento Library. 1(2).