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Coding Interview University

65 minute read


This was originally created by John Washam as a short to-do list of study topics for becoming a software engineer, but it grew to the large list you see today. After going through this study plan, he got hired as a Software Development Engineer at Amazon! You probably won’t have to study as much as I did. Anyway, everything you need is here, feel free to copy and incriment.


From Idea to LMS Implementation: Starting Out in eLearning

9 minute read


If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for your first (or next) learning management system. Picking what platform to use can be quite a challenge in itself; and that’s just the beginning. Once you’ve chosen what LMS platform you are going to use, you also have to set it up, test it, refine the process, and only then will you be able to formally launch it.


What are the most effective tips for Successful LMS Implementation as a the main Learning & Development tool?

5 minute read


Beyond teaching Design and Implementation of Enterprise Systems at both undergrad and post-grad levels, I’ve been blessed with a wide range of opportunities for supervising, participating and/or direct the implemention of different Information Systems, including e-Learning platforms (LMS). Here, I would just like to share some ideas and tips through 4 phases: discovery, planning, implementation and deployment which will lead you to a successful LMS Implementation Project Plan for your company.