CIC @ Check 2022 Multi-Class and Cross-lingual Fake News Detection

Published in CLEF2022, 2022

Recommended citation: Muhammad, Arif et all. CIC@CheckThat 2022: Multi-class and Cross-lingual fake news detection (2022). "C." Journal 1. 1(3).


Nowadays, social media is one widely used platform to access information. Fake news on social media and various other media is widely spreading. It is a matter of serious concern due to its ability to cause a lot of social and national damage with destructive impacts. Therefore, detecting misleading news is critical to detect automatically. Fake news detection software has been used in a variety of fields, such as social media, health, political news, etc. This paper presents the Instituto Politécnico Nacional (Mexico) at CheckThat! 2022. In this paper, we discuss using different algorithms for the multiclass and cross-lingual fake news detection task. We achieved a macro F1-score of 28.60% for a mono-lingual task in English (task 3a) using RoBERTa pre-trained model and 17.21% for a cross-lingual task for English and German (task 3b) using Bi-LSTM deep learning algorithm.


Fake news detection, Cross-lingual classification, Multi-class detection, Fake news detection for low resource languages, Transfer learning

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