EWADIG: Enterprise Web Application Development and Internet Governance

Graduate Course, Faculty of Tourism Management and Information Technology @UCM, IT Department, 2015

Enterprise Web Application Development and Internet Governance

  1. EWADIG - Enterprise Web Application Development and Internet Governance

General information and Objectives

 - Learn the fundamental Web Technologics and Dev tools.

 - Master and apply Web App Platform and User Management.

 - Master and apply Web Application best practices and concepts.
 - Master Web App Testing Tools and Techniques 

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Topic outline

Basic Web Technologies

In this topic we will discuss the fundamentals of the HTTP protocol, and the evolution of the WWW, from Web 1.0 to 2.0, and what is to come next.

At the end of this topic, you will be able to:

-   Grasp the notion of HTTP
-   Understand the sorts of URI, URL, URN
-   Understand the client-server communication through HTTP
-   Have dominion over the HTPP request-response transactions
-   Master the make of request       
-   Master the make of response
-   Understand the different Methods of HTTP
-   Understand the different types of status and states of request-response  

 Lecture 1 The HTTP File

 Lecture 2 From Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 (Courtesy of Derek Hildreth) File

Client Side Web Technologies for Interaction & Presentation

In this section you will learn the client-side tools and technologies for UX (User Experience) Design  

Web interaction
  - Javascript. Basic concepts.
  - JSON
  - AJAX (note: ajax relies on server side info)      
Web presentation Client-SIde
  - Development tools for web presentation
  - CSS
  - HTML for CSS. Good practices.

 Lecture 3 Web Interaction AJaX JSON JS File

 Lecture 4 Web Presentation File

-   Tutorials on the technologies aforementioned  

 JQuery UI for begginers File

 JQuery for Beginners File

 A JSON Tutorial File

Server-Side Technologies for UX and Web & Business Logic

Web-based UI
  - Create a rich web UI using JSF 2 and RichFaces.

Business Logic
  - Servlets, JSP, JSF and Struts
  - Session Beans
  - Implement business logic using EJB.

 Lecture 5 - ServLets File

 Lecture 6 - SessionBeans File

 Lecture 7 - Struts File

 Lecture 7b - JSF File

-   Extra reading materials and Practice Labs  

 Ajax and JSP using Netbeans Lab File

 Additional material on SessionBeans File

 Deploying WebApp With Netbeans File

 Develop JavaEE 6 application with JSF2, EJB3 and JPA File

-   Labs: here you can find the labs done by the tutor during the classes plus some new ones, download the zip file, uncompress it and open it on netbeans to try project by project, feel free to play with them.  

 Labs on JSON Servlet WebServices JSP JSF AJaX JQuery File

WebApp Developer’s Admin Task and WebApp Security

Developer Administration Tasks for App Server (Apache Tomcat)
  - Use Servers administration interfaces and deployment models.
Introduction to Web App IDE
  - Leverage IDE tools to control servers and manage projects.

Packaging and Deployment
 - Understand deployment options for application packages built with IDE for a variety of middleware servers.

Security and Web User Management
 - Container and application-managed security
 - Authentication, authorization and accounting.
 - Cookies and Session Tracking
 - Single sign-on
 - User repositories: Active Directory and LDAP

 TomCatManagement UserManagement Security File

 Lecture 8 Administration Roles File

Web Services and CDI

Contexts and Dependency Injection
 - Build CDI-enabled applications.
Web Services
 - Use Enterprise Application Platform implementations for JAX-WS support with RESTEasy and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to build web services.

 Lecture 10 WebService File

 WebServiceLab-Java to Java File

 RestFull WebService File

Messaging and Persistence

 - Use HornetQ to add asynchronous messaging to enterprise components and develop message-driven beans.
 - Persist data with JPA and Hibernate

 Java Persistence API Example File

 Develop JavaEE 6 application with JSF2, EJB3 and JPA File

 Lecture 12 - JPA File

Web App Testing

 - Test applications using JUnit and 
 - Test applications using Arquillian.

Quizzes, Tests, Assignment and Final Project

Here you will find all the activities that counts to your final grade  

 Quiz 1 2015

 Final Project 1 2015 Assignment

 Assignment 2015

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