ASE: Advance Software Engineering

Graduate course, Distance Education Center @UCM, IT Department, 2018

This repository contains the material for the Masters’s degree course “Advanced Software Engineering” at Distance Education Center@Catholic University of Mozambique, 2018 edition.

After this course students will be able to choose and implement the better software process and methodology to carry out a software project according to the project context and the organization structure. Student will acquire knowledge of the importance of quality assurance and how achieve high quality standards using documented and automated tests. Also the student will know how to measure in terms of size, complexity and quality a software development. This ability will be useful in the task of cost-estimation.


Written Exam:

Assignment Results:

Topic 0 - Intro and Overview

Topic 1 - Distributed Computing Component Model Frameworks

Lesson 3. Configuration Management

Topic 2 - Software Process

Topic 3 - Software Requirements and System Models

Topic 4 - Software Architecture and Design

Topic 5 - Design Patterns

Topic 6 - Quality Assurance

Topic 7 - Unit Testing

Topic 8 - Integration Testing

Topic 9 - Security and Stress Testing

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